Advance Pump & Filter Co., Inc. is based in Southern New Hampshire and has been family owned since 1977. We design, install and service water softening and filtration systems as well as water pumps. We serve both residential and commercial clients in New Hampshire, Maine and northern Massachusetts.

Our water treatment equipment is on display at our offices in Lee, NH where our qualified technicians are available to answer any questions you may have. Our staff is a group of professional, dedicated people who take pride in their work. Through ongoing continuing education and licensing we are able to provide you with the most advanced technology available to take care of your well pump and water treatment needs.


Giving back to our Community and Beyond


Russian Orphanage Over the years, Advance Pump & Filter Co. has recognized the necessity of clean drinking water. In 1991, we had the opportunity to take action and donate a water distiller to a Russian Orphanage. At the time, one of our local clients was originally from Russia. She had lived in St. Petersburg and adopted a child from an orphanage. She came to us and explained that many of the children at the orphanage were ill, and the water was suspected as the cause. A water test revealed high iron, nitrates and bacteria. We promptly set the orphanage up with a high quality stainless steel distiller to provide safe drinking water for the children and staff.




Organizations we have supported:American Ground Water Trust

American Legion

Barrington (NH) Youth Association

Exeter (NH) High School Baseball and Wrestling

Lee County Fair

Madbury Community Club

Main Street Art, Newfields

Newfields (NH) 5K Road Race

Newfields Fire and Rescue

Newfields Youth Athletic Association

Newmarket (NH) Police

Oyster River High School Project Graduation

Seacoast Hockey Team

Seacoast United Soccer Club